Thursday, May 30, 2013

2/2 Series Recap: This Team Is Unwatchable

The Brewers are not worth your time. They have terrible starting pitching, poor situational hitting, and most importantly, lose a lot of games. I've reached my breaking point with this team because the games make me:

1) Terrible depressed
2) Intensely frustrated
3) Both

It's so bad that I don't even feel good when they win, though I can't be sure because it's been a while since I last experienced a victory and my memory can be faulty about these things. This is a team on pace for 59 wins, and even that seems like a stretch. Life is precious, life is short, and you are doing the miracle of consciousness a disservice to spend even one second paying attention to this team. I will argue this point until I pass out, but it's still not going to stop me from following them; my stance is more of a recommendation for the non-Brewer fanatics out there.

Rant aside, games were played that inspired vitriol to appear on this blog and I would like to briefly discuss them.

1) 19.6% of the homers hit by the Twins have come off Brewers pitching

Keep in mind only 7.8% of the Twins schedule to this point involves Milwaukee. The Twins are one of the worst home run hitting teams in the majors, yet they hit four off Kyle Lohse in tonight's game. This is to be expect as no pitching staff in the NL has as much trouble keeping the ball in the yard as the Brewers'. The lesson here: when a moveable force meets a stoppable object, the stoppable object wins.

2) The Brewers keep you interested so they can frustrate you

This is the crux of why the Brew Crew is so hard to watch right now. They get down 6-0 and then claw within realistic striking distance, only to fail to capitalize on their opportunities. Tonight, down 7-4 in the top of the 4th, the Brewers loaded the bases with two outs. Coming to the plate to spearhead the comeback was...Yuniesky Betancourt. There is no feeling as helpless as seeing Yuni Betancourt -- arguably the worst everyday player in the majors since 2008 -- come to the plate in a big situation.* He grounded out and effectively killed the comeback.

*To his credit, he's had some big hits in his career.

3) Marco Estrada is the current ace of the staff

7 of his 11 starts have gone at least six innings, including 3 of his last 4 (where he went 7 innings). All flaws considered, he's pitching deep into games. It's a sad situation when your de facto ace is someone that simply lasts more than five innings with consistency, but that's where we're at with the Brewers right now.

Looking ahead...

I'm not going to do another series recap until the Brewers win one. This is partially because I am running out of things to write about this team, but more because I want to expand past recaps and broaden my focus. There is a lot about Milwaukee baseball history and baseball in general I want to explore. This blog will still be updated regularly, just with different content.

Also, the Brewers have a series at Philadelphia. I'll still follow the games, because that's what I do...not because it's a recommended use of time.

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